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Tank You for visiting us and for beeing interested in our Internet Gallery.
The idea to create The International Gallery of Modern Art it’s to break down the barriers which traditional Art Galleries and Musea makes.
Our Gallery is accesibile continuously and each visitor can watch the Beaty of the Works as much time as He wants, beeing in any place on our planet.
We publish works of many artists which represents various tipes of art. We care about high level of exposed masterpieces.
We guarantee that exposed works are unique, handmaked, in only one inimitable speciment what is very rare nowadays in a time of mass production.
If You want to extend a pleasure of commune with art, you can purchase an indicated work.
We also offer You a possibility to hire out an indicated work for determinated time for example in order to temporal decoration of an accomodation or to add splendour on a party and a possibility of purchase an indicated work printed reproduction.
We aslo mediate in individual orders for a workmanship of a masterpiece.

Nawigation in the Gallery

From a Home page You can go to any of undersides or just begin a travel to the world of forms and colours choosing one category of art branches:
Artistic Tapestry
Painting and Graphics
Usable Art
You can also acquaint with current events and order it’s subscription.

A side Artists gives You a possibility to search a list of creators and to choose a definite Artist, to aquaint with his biography, artistic output or to place Your impression in a form of a commentary.

A side Works of Art lets You search directly interesting works by choosen a criteria.
On this side and on each artist’s side there is a possibility to send an electric postcard with a picture of selected work of art clicking an icon.

On a side Exhibitions You can watch a reportages from exhibitions presented in the Artist gallery.

And on a side ART._INFO You can find various information connected with modern art. There can be also placed an information redacted by people not connected with Virtual Gallery when we consider it for valuable.

A side Join us contain an information pointed to Artists and Patrons of Art

On a side Mecenat there are placed an information and an adverticement materials of Patrons of Art.

From a side Contact You can pass notices, comments and propositions concerned all the portal Virtual Gallery.

On each of the sides there is a possibility of recommend our portal to Your friends.

Have an unforgettable sensations.
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