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Our offer is pointed to:
  • Plastic Artist
  • Patrons of Art
  • Hotheads of Art

You are Plastik Artist
I invite You to demonstrate Your Works in Internet Galery of Modern Art on international forum.
Important feature of galery is a care of proper artictic level of presented works.
In the gallery every plastik artist can expose his Works, irrespective of an art branch, after prior agrement.
Each artist, presenting his works in the Gallery, has his own side on which, apart from works, a biography with a photography and reviews are presented- according to delivered materials and comments placed by guests.
Each work corresponds one of main art branches.

The list of Artists as well as the list of Works You can look through according to several various criteria. It creates large possibilities to reach a potential klient.

Other Internet’s Gallery advantages:
- easiness of work presentation withough expensive and timeconsuming making an exhibition
- unlimited period of work’s publishing
- quantity of exposed masterpieces depends on artist’s decision
- You can publish works sold as a presentation of Your artistic output – an extra advertisement.

The Gallery has a commercial tools such as:

1. various language versions of the side
2. a possibility of subscribe noveltis published on the webside
3. a possibility of recommending the webside to Your friends or concractors
4. a possibility of mailing electric postcards – powerfull commercial tool.

And all that for nominal sum!

The Gallery also mediates in a sale of exposed art masterpieces.
Because works are uniques we negotiate the price individually each time.
Moreover, The Gallery will offer, in the name of artist, a possibility of selling work’s reproduction printouts if photographic documentation allow. The price of the reproduction will be negotiated.
The Gallery also gives a possibility of hire out a work in order to temporal decoration of an accomodation, office or to add splendour on a party.
Text and photographic materials ( in electronic or traditional form ) delivers artist.

For the Patrons of Art
The Gallery also gives a possibility to place an advertisement materials together with a links on a specially created side, Mecenat.
We give You also a possibility to put an advertisement materials on a e-postcards, what guarantee You to reach a wide group of recipients, and other forms of collaboration.

If You need some more information, write us!

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