Helena Sułkowska Pawlik

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Work name: The Last Supper
Author: Helena Sułkowska Pawlik
Work size: 132x122cm
DESCRIPTION: weaving flax, wool, golden thread - private collection
Category: Tapestry,
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Helena Sułkowska-Pawlik
Zakopane, Poland

Born in 1940 in Tylmanowa, Poland. Graduated from the Technical School of Arts in Zakopane under the supervision of Professors Antroni Kenar and Tadeusz Brzozowski. From 1959 to 1966 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Sculpture under the supervision of Prof. Marian Wnuk and at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Art at Prof. Anna ¦ledziewska’s Department of Tapestry and Weaving; she also specialized in ceramic art in the studio of Prof. A. Golakowska.
Awarded honorary diplomas in: sculptu...

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